Monday, October 17, 2016

Almost full time, week 1 done.

She's doing fine  :)

Well one week done in the van and it's been interesting. We have yet to try and kill each other, that's good. Territory in the van has been established, she gets the bed and I get the passenger seat in the cockpit during waking hours. The bed is used as a couch-living room when watching TV and outdoors is pretty much out of the question since it's getting cold out there.

One thing that did come up last friday was Celine getting sick. The experiment was put on hold for a few days until she got better. Which brought up another thing to consider when making the move full time. Being sick in such close quarters isn't going to be any fun. Fortunately we have a plan B for such a situation. We'll be renting a Motel or Hotel room until either crew is back in top shape. This is what the emergency funds will be for, not just mechanical emergencies.

Talking about mechanical failure, only one break down in the van so far. The adapter for the LED light bar in the 12 volt socket died. It's the 3rd one that quits on me but this one lasted a lot longer. Guess I'll have to shop around again for a better one.

Next week end we are going mobile for the last trip of the year before parking the truck for the winter. Celine will have the van pretty much for herself during 2 days while I sleep in the woods giving survival training courses.

Until next time.

Living the van life.


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