Monday, October 3, 2016

El Campo, the last outing of the season

Go-Van organized a van meet in St-Raymond de Portneuf last week-end and this was the chance to attend a unique event. A bunch of people who see the van as more than a status symbol but a means to an end: freedom.

We started getting Tiki ready the week before figuring we had ample time to fix a bunch of little bugs and make some small adjustments. Sure enough, we still ran out of time and didn't get to finish everything. The truck looked even more patched up with bondo and duct tape filling a hole that requires a sheet metal patch but at this point I didn't really care. The insulation for the windows and the oh so important remote switch for the inverter were critical for a pet peeve free and warm week end.

Having no shore power on site, it was important for the auxiliary battery to be spared unnecessary drainage from forgetting to shut off the damn inverter because I was too lazy to do the acrobatics required to do so. A remote "cable" was hooked up and problem solved. Little things like that gets to you hard when living in a small place.

88 vans of all makes and their dwellers gathered in this magical region. It was a great opportunity to meet other like minded people and exchange ideas, tips and tricks. Everybody was cool and we had a great time. I think the lack of network contributed to better exchanges as people never had their nose in their phones.

Everyone had a great time around the campfire with live music from the gathering's talent until late into the wee hours. Weather was cooperative even though it was cold but nothing that couldn't be handled.

We are definitely going back next year as this was a fantastic way to end a superb season of adventure with our van. Great times, awesome friends old and new, what could be better?

Living the Vanlife


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