Monday, October 10, 2016

Living full time in the van...almost. The Babbit Experience.

"We store our vans in 3 weeks, what if we lived in them full time during that period?". So this is the conversation starter that got this going last week with 2 of my buddy vanners. We talk about living full time in our vans but can we actually do it? Now right off the bat let me say that we are nowhere near what some real full timers are doing out there. For various reasons, each one of us is not ready to make the jump just yet. However, we figured that even though bragging rights wise it's pretty much poser level, at least it would give us an idea.

All 3 of us are at different stages of readiness when it comes to full time living in the van. I'm certainly not ready since I am missing some key elements like solar panels. So we each decided to tackle the challenge in our own way with the basic concept of living and sleeping in our trucks full time. As for the rest, each one would adjust the simulation according to his means.

For me that represents parking in my driveway, plugged into the wall and using my home's bathrooms. Meals, sleeping and free time all being spent in the van for 3 weeks. I know, it's weird.

The main goal of the exercise is not as much a challenge as it is a learning experience. The ultimate test of our set-up as far as long term usage is concerned. It will also answer other questions like what do you do of your free time on a rainy day amongst other things.

Thankfully the wireless network works fine.

As I'm writing this, we are about to spend our 4th night in the truck and so far so good. We sleep better and deeper than in the house even though we are right next to a busy boulevard. Keeping the place warm in a steady way is turning out to be a challenge. Too hot or too cold, will be working on that.

I also upgraded our set-up with a bar fridge since we are plugged for the duration. I didn't want to buy ice every 2 days. However, I realized by putting it in the van, it could act as a great ice box when power is not available better than the old unit. Best part, it was already paid for.

Bar fridge added

I'll keep you posted on our progress and on the lessons learned.

Living the vanlife


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